The Destiny Show Podcast

The Destiny Show Podcast (DSP) is a weekly audio podcast hosted by Cornholio & Shadow Price about Destiny the game and the studio that creates it, Bungie Inc.

Each week we invite special guests and get together to discuss a wide range of topics including Latest News & Rumors, This Week At Bungie (TWAB), Crucible, Iron Banner, Special Events (The Dawning, Crimson Days and Solstice of Heroes), End-Game, Lore, Weekly Reset, and important topics from the Destiny Community including /r/destinythegame and Forums.

Available on iTunesGoogleSpotifyStitcherOvercastAnchorPocket CastsRadioPublicCastbox, and Breaker (whew…that’s a lot of platforms).

Great Informative Show
Clinwin77, 6/12/19
Not only is the show entertaining, but they bring on amazing guests from all over the community. Can’t wait to hear more!