Chad A Fallout 76 Story

chad fallout 76 story

All things end.

After the end of everything, a wounded Vault Dweller leaves behind one last message. In it, he tells us a story of survival, dates gone wrong, cannibalism, friendship and a rivalry. A rivalry that has torn apart the landscape of West Virginia.

His name is Simon and he wants to tell you about a dickhead named Chad.

This serial podcast contains dark humor, some situational profanity, and well-warranted violence. Proceed through the Vault Door at your own risk…

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A true spark of genius! As a huge fan of the Fallout series, this podcast pays tribute to several thoughts myself and other players have had while playing. It’s storyline is hilarious and well made, while giving you the since of being freshly emerged from vault 76 ready to retake the wastelands of West Virginia.