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Have your favorite hosts read your message on their next podcast.

> Say hi to your friends!
> Wish a loved one a happy birthday!
> Advertise your guild!
> Tell the community how much you love them!
> Make the host say something ridiculous!

Anything you want! (As long as it’s not mean-spirited or offensive. Please be nice!)

*Hosts have the right to choose to NOT read a message if they deem it offensive.

> This feature is currently in beta and testing only on the shows that Robots’ hosts. Choose from:

Fallout Lorecast
Elder Scrolls Lorecast
Robots’ Thoughts
Sleepytime Stories
* More coming soon!

> Up to 350 characters!
> The majority of your money goes directly to supporting your favorite show.
> As thanks for helping us test this feature, get 1/2 off the full cost for a limited time!


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4) Your receipt will have a message with a link. Click the link to open a form where you can enter your message.
5) Send & listen to the future episode of your favorite show to hear your message!