Recommended Podcasting Microphones and Gear

There are a lot of gear and microphone options out there for new and growing podcasters. How do you know what to use to get started podcasting? What microphones and gear are the best upgrades for your current setup?

Tom and Ken discuss their recommended gear on the most recent episode of the podcast professor, but you don’t need to listen to the whole podcast to get an idea of what gear to get.

Tom sums up their recommended gear in this video, with links below for all of their recommended options.


Rockville ROCKSHIELD 3 –

Mics & Mounts, Arms

Lapel Mic –

Blue Yeti Nano –

BLUE Yeti –

Blue Yeti Shockmount –

Blue Yeti x –

Rode NT (USB) –

Rode Podcaster (USB) –

Rode Podcaster Shockmount –

Shure SM7B –

Desk Swivel Mount –

Sound Gear GOXLR –

GOXLR Mini –

ASUS Sound Card Essence STX II –


Audacity –

Adobe Creative Cloud (12 months) –

*Links above are affiliate links.

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Good luck and happy podcasting!

– Tom, The Podcast Professor