A Podcast Episode Dissected

It’s not too often that you get the chance to see a professional at work. Have you ever wondered what goes in to balancing music and voices, improving voices in post, or just the general organization of content and delivery within a podcast?

The guys at the Nintenfo podcast were kind enough to let us use a episode of their show to demonstrate exactly what could be improved.

We cover basic audio editing, vocal compression and cleanup, how to organize your content, vocal delivery, enunciation, and other tips. 

This episode is available in the video format above and as audio on all the usual sources for podcasts – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

There’s a lot more to each of these points, but hopefully that gets you thinking about where to go next. Stay tuned for more videos about each of these topics.

If you have any questions, the Podcast Professor’s office is always open. Let me know if you’d be interested in a similar audit of your show (but without the audience, of course.)

How to get in touch with the Podcast Professor

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Keep Learning More about Podcasting

Good luck and happy podcasting!

– Tom, The Podcast Professor