7 Things You Need to Start Podcasting Quickly

It drives me nuts. When I’m trying to research how to do something on the internet and every video I find is an in-depth, 30-minute detailed explanation of EVERYTHING you need to know when all I’m looking for is a quick rundown of the basics.

I want to find out what I don’t know so I can then look more into just those details.

That’s why I made this video – to get you started with podcasting in a quick, easy, and possibly even free way with just the bits of info you need.

I’ll post some videos in the future with the more nuanced details of each of these 7 points, but for now, this is plenty to get you started. And if the less-than 5 minute video above is still too long for you, here are all of the points so you can get started even FASTER.

What to Consider When Starting a New Podcast

  1. Podcast Show Idea
  2. Can I create a podcast by myself or do I need a team or co-hosts?
  3. A great name and a logo
  4. Equipment needed. PC, Microphone
  5. Software. Audacity (FREE) vs Adobe Audition (Paid)
  6. Intro Music
  7. Podcast Hosting

There’s a lot more to each of these points, but hopefully that gets you thinking about where to go next. Stay tuned for more videos about each of these topics.

If you have any questions, the Podcast Professor’s office is always open.

3 easy ways to get in touch with me:

  • Leave a comment on the video. I’ll write you back!
  • Contact me on Twitter.
  • Join my live stream and ask questions. I’m happy to answer in real-time.

2 Ways to Learn More

Good luck and happy podcasting!

– Tom, The Podcast Professor