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Transcript from video:

so we need to have a frank discussion I
spend a lot of time auditing other
podcasts when I introduce a new show to
the network one of the things I do for
them is I take a look at all of their
content and I give them the Frank news
about what isn’t working so great and
what they could be doing better so I
wanted to give you a rundown of the top
ten reasons why your podcast isn’t doing
so well and what you can do about it
this is a service that marketing
companies charge thousands of dollars
for for major corporations hey guys I’m
the podcast professor my name’s Tom you
can also call me robots and I am the
creator of the robots radio podcast
network an amazing network of podcasts
we were about 16 podcasts strong at this
point and growing so I’ve done this a
good amount of times and I see the same
issues over and over and over again so
I’m gonna go through these from ten to
one to the number one issue and I’m not
trying to pick on you I’m not trying to
hurt any feelings but I want to give you
a frank discussion about why your
podcast may not be performing as well as
you expected it to so here we go number
call this the four guys sitting around
the table talking about what they had
for breakfast problem there are so many
podcasts out there today
where you end up with just a group of
people chatting and most of the time
they’re just reiterating the same points
around the table nothing new is being
said they think they’re funny they’re
having a good time but it’s a very
internal conversation they’re not really
doing anything unique so if your show is
kind of like that consider shaking it up
a bit do something unique do something
that nobody else is doing at all in the
space especially around your topic raise
the bar a little bit increase your
presentation increase your focus
things that other people aren’t doing at
all so number nine you’re just a bummer
like me I’m just gonna be honest here
that is a major turnoff some people do
podcasts and they are way too excited
and they talk like this the whole time
I’m not a big fan of those but some of
those podcasts actually do really well
on the other end of the spectrum you
have podcasts where people come across
nervous insecure they don’t really back
up the things they’re saying it’s a
little strange to me why you would want
to do a show where you get in front of a
microphone and talk about things that
you aren’t so sure about that doesn’t
seem to make much sense so when you are
getting ready to record pump yourself up
a little bit be confident about the
stuff that you’re about to say and if
you’re not confident about it don’t say
it or edit it out later don’t be a
bummer and don’t bring up things that
are that are dark and depressing people
listen to podcasts for two reasons first
information they didn’t know about – to
be entertained and if you are bumming
them out while you give them that
information yeah good luck keeping them
listening new rule
no bombers but me happens edit it out
number eight you’re not leveraging
social media enough or well enough this
is a topic that we could go into in a
whole nother section a whole nother
video social media is a major driver for
people finding your show you should be
creating content on social media in and
around the same topic area that your
podcast is about so that they can get to
know you and that you’re giving them
something for free so that once they get
to know you and they see an update that
there’s a podcast available from the
same channel that has been giving them
this other information that isn’t audio
format isn’t clips from your podcast
then they’re more likely to follow you
into the podcast space twitter has
worked great for me I have hosts on the
network who have actually built out most
of their following on Facebook still
it’s still a platform people still use
it even if a lot of us think it’s dying
it actually works Instagram can work as
well or just do as many of them as you
possibly can it takes time but you can
make it work number seven and this one
is super important you are not
connecting with your audience
if you are not talking directly to your
audience and you are not having a
conversation with your audience and you
are not thanking them for participation
you are not reading out their emails you
are not thanking them for their reviews
on Apple podcasts or on whatever
platform that you prefer to call out
reviews for if you are not calling them
by name when they are new patrons to
your show those kinds of things then you
are missing an opportunity talk directly
to your listeners they feel like they
know you you need to feel like you know
them build a connection with them get to
know them on social media get to know
them on chat programs I love discord
discord works great because it’s a place
where I can actually get to know the
people listening to my shows and I’ve
made a number of awesome friends doing
it and now they are firm supporters of
my content because it fills a place in
their lives so go do that go do that
right now
don’t hesitate go do it number six
inconsistency inconsistency can kill the
momentum of anything this is something
that we know about YouTube videos it’s
something we know about podcasts it’s
something we know about twitch streams
if you are creating content be
consistent people want to know that
you’re there every week or you’re there
every two weeks or you’re there once a
month whatever your schedule is
yeah there’s outliers there are people
out there there’s a hardcore histories
of the world who put out a show every
six months and the show is like three to
five hours long they can get away with
it because they’ve created that audience
early enough in the growth of podcasting
for that to work out and the content is
really really good chances are that’s
not us so you have to create a schedule
you have to stick with it and if you
aren’t able to keep up with that
schedule then reconsider the schedule
maybe it’s too fast for you to be able
to keep up with it’s okay do a show
every other week all right number five
you’re not cross promoting enough one of
the things you should be doing as a
content creator and especially as a
podcaster because it’s very easy is
guesting on other shows and having other
hosts guest on your shows and it’s super
easy to reach out to them on
Media drop them a message say hey I’m a
big fan of your stuff I would love for
you to come to my show and talk about
this specific topic because I know that
you’re an expert in that thing and I’d
love to showcase your work let’s start
that way so this show is also a podcast
and a series of clips that go up on
YouTube so if you want more information
about that check out the podcast
professor podcast where I answer some
Q&A questions on the most recent episode
and we go into details about how to make
that work all right here we are number
four you’re in an overcrowded niche you
are doing a show about the same thing
that dozens and dozens of other people
are doing shows about chances are if
you’re doing a Star Wars podcast there
are probably hundreds of Star Wars
podcasts at this point it’s a very hard
place to do a podcast in because it’s so
crowded now maybe you love Star Wars the
only way to do a Star Wars podcast and
stand out and this is very similar to
doing the the unique thing not doing
anything unique do Star Wars but do it
in a way that nobody else has do it in a
way where you are covering a very
specific topic about Star Wars you’re
going to have to do some research to see
what everyone else is doing in order to
find your place and market and if you’re
doing something unique in that space and
that’s even more reason to reach out to
these other content creators and get to
know them because they might be
interested as well number three and
we’re getting close to the number one
here number three not enough content too
much chat there is a signal-to-noise
ratio when it comes to podcasts and the
best podcasts today the ones that work
the best today are I would say 7080
percent content and just a little bit of
chat and banter the main reason people
will come to your podcast is for the
information unless you’re a comedian and
unless you already have a comedic
following that’s not enough to draw them
in but use the comedy use the chat use
the getting to know each other use the
personality stuff as a way to keep them
the content first then the personality a
lot of people get this backwards it’s
mostly personality and very little
number two you have too much of a sales
pitch this pushes people away people
will listen to the most recent episode
of your show
or the first of first episode of your
show if when they listen they hear in
the first 10 minutes a sales pitch to
remember to share the show with their
friends leave a review sign up for the
patreon bla bla bla bla
you haven’t even shown them the goods
yet you’ve basically said hey support me
give me money you look like a charity
case without actually showing them what
they’re gonna get do all the
housekeeping stuff at the end give them
the episode first and at the end that’s
where you say hey if you enjoyed the
show consider these things don’t look
like a charity case look like an
opportunity for them to support
something they’re enjoying because
that’s legitimately why people support
stuff most of the time they don’t want
to give you money if you look like a
charity case they have other charities
they’d rather be giving money to about
causes they care more about then some
guy they just met for the first time on
a podcast that they’ve never listened to
before and number one poor audio quality
this is the number one reason why people
will bounce off your show if in the
first 30 seconds there’s 10 seconds they
turn on your episode of the show and
they can’t hear somebody clearly
microphone volumes are way off of each
other the music’s too loud these are
these are reasons that cause frustration
they can’t even get to the content to
know if it’s any good you could have the
most brilliant podcast about how to
create world peace and if everything
sounds like you’re talking on the other
side of a room in a laundromat then
nobody’s gonna want to listen and that’s
just the truth of it you have to make
sure that your audio quality is at least
acceptable that’s the starting spot
better than acceptable that’s really
where you’re gonna grab people and make
them go ooh this sounds good
I’d like to keep listening and give them
a little bit longer to convince me to
keep listening to this podcast and it’s
because things are difficult podcasts
are free there’s a lot of competition so
you have to do better than the
so commit to that
you can do it you can totally do it I’ve
seen shows turn themselves around and
start doing a number of these things
better and all of a sudden the reactions
they get from their audiences are
stellar they’re wow this shows great now
so take those notes if you’ve enjoyed
listening to this if you if I’ve been
helpful in any way at all please
consider subscribing to the channel this
s as I mentioned before this is also a
podcast called the podcast professor
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