Is closing? Will Spotify kill the service?

There’s a lot of talk recently about and its acquisition by Spotify and what that means for podcasters like you and me.

First, don’t panic. Second, check out the video above for a list of reasons why I believe this may not be a terrible thing.

…but then again, maybe it will be.

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– Tom, The Podcast Professor

Transcript of video:

so there’s a lot of talk recently about
anchor FM and its acquisition by Spotify
and what that means for podcasters like
you and me is anchor FM going to close
is the ship going down are you gonna
lose all of your podcasts well step one
and then the famous words of who was it
Ford Prefect Douglas Adams actually
don’t panic so I am your podcast
professor you can call me Tom you can
also call me robots and I’m new to this
digital video space I have a lot of
experience when it comes to audio but
but doing these YouTube videos and this
internet video editing thing is still
pretty new to me you may not know who I
am so I’m going to give you a little bit
of a background on me so that you know
why you should care about my opinion I’m
Tom I am the host of a number of
successful video game podcasts and the
creator of the robots radio podcast
network which now has 16 different shows
from video games to movies to fictional
audio plays I don’t know what that John
was actually called and we are
continuing to grow so I have some
experience in this podcast space and I
thought today I would help you guys who
are worrying about what exactly anchor
is going to do with your show first
things first
don’t panic second thing the ships not
going down right away even if it is with
that said you can still log into anchor
and download all of your shows now if
you haven’t been backing up your audio
somewhere else on your home computer or
on an extra drive somewhere or on Google
Drive something like that then you need
to be rethinking some of your processes
here you need to be backing that stuff
up because if for some reason something
happens and the internet goes derp and
all of your stuff is gone then think of
the number of hours of work that you’ve
just lost so step one if you don’t
already have your shows backed up
go back them up – we don’t know for sure
that anchor dot FM is going down the
drain this is something that I’ve seen
rumored in reddit posts and forums
online and there’s a lot of hubbub about
it now I’m particularly vulnerable to
this because I at this point host all of
my shows on anchored fm
I find it extremely easy to use I find
it a very good place to be able to run
ads right from the beginning so that I
can make a little bit back on the back
end in order to start doing things like
these videos and buy a new camera and
all that kind of stuff
so I’m as vulnerable as anybody else but
here’s the thing
spot if I wouldn’t have bought anchor fm
to tank it in my opinion because they
weren’t the competition my guess is and
this is just a suspicion from having
worked in digital media and in marketing
and those kinds of things is that
Spotify is using anchor FM as their main
platform and what do I mean by that what
I mean is that it is in a sense a sort
of loss leader they are giving away
space for people to host their shows so
they can create a primary platform to
pull those shows – to get them on
Spotify I’ve seen this myself
the first ads I started getting on
anchor were for anchor everybody gets an
anchor ad right out of the gate you guys
probably know that if you’re listening
to this video the next thing you get
when your volume of downloads increases
to a certain point are other ads so I’ve
run ads for other podcasts I’ve run ads
for other products and those kinds of
things one of the things anchor does is
it shows you an estimated number of
listeners and I think the way it
calculates that is some sort of
calculation based on the four most
recent episodes and the average amount
of plays because every time I launch a
new show or a new episode that number
drops and I think it’s averaging out you
know the zero plays from that new
episode into the other four and then the
number climbs back up and then it drops
it climbs back up once you get past
about a thousand on that scale anchor
will start advertising Spotify there
a reason for this and I’ve seen it work
on some of my smaller shows the majority
of the listeners are now listening on
Spotify this is working people have more
access to these podcasts inability to
search them in a platform that is hasn’t
been neglected as much as something like
iTunes on some of my shows it’s about
split a 30% on iTunes 30% on Spotify a
bunch of other places but for some of
the shows I’ve got a 50% going to
Spotify and it’s only 20 something
percent going to Apple podcasts so that
seems to be working for them if that is
working for them and it’s bringing them
in more listens it’s getting people into
their platform then I can’t imagine that
they would let that go unless and this
is my third points they are going to
incorporate anchor into the actual
Spotify platform itself
this happens with technology does this
all the time they will absorb a company
that does a thing so they don’t have to
spend the time inventing that thing and
then they will find a way to combine
that technology with the technology they
already have so maybe one of the reasons
why anchored on FM hasn’t been seeing a
lot of improvements and their analytics
and some of the things that they’ve been
promising from the beginning is because
the engineers are actually working on
the backend on ways of combining the
platform into Spotify I’m just guessing
here I do not have insider knowledge on

ny of this stuff but can you imagine
using Spotify on your phone using
Spotify on your PC and being able to
access your anchor account through
Spotify being able to upload your
podcasts put them right in there and
know that they will be released like
that on Spotify I can imagine that for
your listeners that that is a much
better way to go about it right now if a
notification goes out if I put my
podcast up on anchor FM then I can put a
notification out send a link to the
anchor page that hosts the feed with all
the different episodes but it still
takes time for Spotify
for Apple podcasts for everybody to
update the RSS feed and notice that
there’s a new episode out what if that
happened in real time that happens on
patreon you upload your show to patreon
it’s up it’s right on that feed your
patrons get a notification and they can
go right away and listen to the episode
so that would be another benefit so I
don’t necessarily think anchor fm is
taking the dive I don’t think they’re
going away they might I could be wrong
but I don’t think that’s exactly what
Spotify has in the works if you guys
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time and remember don’t panic