Two Robots Radio shows listed as best Elder Scrolls Podcasts

Today, June 6th 2019, rated two Robots Radio shows, The Elder Scrolls Lorecast and Written in Uncertainty, among the five best Elder Scrolls podcasts.

The article heaped high praise on both shows stating, “My favorite thing about the Elder Scrolls Lorecast is the relatability of the host. Robots includes enough humor to seem approachable without distracting from the main content of the show…” and “…If you think you’ve got a good handle on Tamrielic lore, it’s time to start listening to the Written in Uncertainty podcast. Though he shies away from it, host Aramithius has earned the moniker “the professor” from members of the ESO community…”

Thank you, Massively OP, for the kind words. We’re very proud to be among those listed – which are our favorites as well: Loreseekers Podcast, Tales of Tamriel, and the UESPodcast.

A lot of hard work goes into our shows each week and it’s a real pleasure to feel appreciated.